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In a few surprising places

Adventure (a bold and sometimes risky undertaking with uncertain outcomes)  Increasingly we love to spend our leisure time finding new adventure activities.  We enjoy  exploring secret new places with all the excitement and pleasure this can bring.  This leads many of us to seek an Adventure Holiday France.  What better than to invest  our holiday time in adventurous and special experiences.

At Adventure St Tropez we know how to involve our guests in those special Adventure Holidays in France and here are some of the trips that we love to offer.

Crocodile Rock at Gigaro Beach

Just a few miles from our marina on the nature reserve of Cap Lardier we start our Adventure with a twenty minute hike along the coastal rocky path. The views down to the crystal clear Mediterranean are so inviting and the sea is azure blue  it is hard to imagine a more beautiful view. Soon we arrive at a rocky outcrop shaped entirely like a Crocodile. Around this rock are some amazing snorkelling spots. So we stop and prepare our snorkels and dip into the crystal water. Straight away there are many small fish and sea vegetation, all made twinkling and ever changing by the sunlight through the water. At the head of the Crocodile rock a large colony of fish seem to be always ready for some light bites of french bread. Hiding in rock cracks and crannies are rarer fish of the most beautiful hues. Octopus, squid and a few other sea hide furtively but can often be seen. We snorkel over to a little blow hole diving under to pop up among the coast rocks. Further afield the coast path stretches to some distant quiet bays where you can wander if you wish.

Coastal Safaris

Every time we take to sea it is an Adventure wind and waves being  unpredictable. Each trip is different and we discover more adventures along the way. One of our favourite safaris is to Cap Taillet because the waters are simply  like a giant swimming pool. Positioned close to some protected snorkel waters you will enjoy diving through coral and secret tunnels to discover fish and sea vegetation in abundance. Discovering rock jumps proves to be very adventurous with some high and challenging escarpments to create great jumping and diving sports. Only for the truly Adventurous.

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