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Singles Adventure Holidays in France

Adventure, Activity, Fun and Watersports activity in sunny St Tropez

Singles Adventure Holidays. Meet new friends on a watersports activity holiday France
The Fun Starts Day One – You’ll fit right in – No worries

Adventure Sports St Tropez is the ideal venue for singles watersports activity holidays. It is a great place for single people, with the same interest in outdoor adventurous activities, to meet and enjoy them together. The atmosphere is casual and friendly and we make sure that you all get every opportunity to learn new watersports activity in a fun way.

Singles Adventure HolidaysThe whole week is an experience of living and learning together, starting from sharing an apartment and eating out or cooking in with an evening on the terrace taking in the lovely sunsets. Partying till dawn in one of St Tropez’s famous Clubs, or having a quiet evening in a local beach or marina cafe and sitting together chatting over a bottle of wine; the choice is yours.

During the days you will be enjoying learning the daily watersports activity together. Those with absolutely no experience will find it all very new and exciting, and great fun to learn with others. While those with experience will enjoy improving  their existing skills and learning new watersports activity. There is such a variety that everyone will have a great time.

For those beginners among you who feel a little apprehensive, it might help to read what Claire had to say when she first came to us, a few years ago in Cornwall. She now visits us in France

Singles Adventure Holidays Sara

A Single girl’s experience at Adventure St.Tropez by Sara Green

An Amazing Week!

If you’re reading this toying with the idea of trying a holiday on your own I have two words for you “Book it!” and do it now. Maybe you have always wondered what it would be like to go away and meet new people? Maybe your friends (lovely as they are) prefer to spend weeks frying on the beach while you long to do something more interesting? Maybe you fancy being a little spontaneous, trying a few things you’ve never done before? Maybe you have a taste for this type of holiday already and are looking for the next ‘thrill’ all I can say is Do it! Book it now!

I have just returned from a week with Adventure St Tropez and I have had the time of my life! Within the space of 7 days I have been Water Skiing, Wakeboarding (for the first time and now I’m hooked!) Jet Skiing, Sailing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Power boating, and Gorge Walking. I have picnicked on the beach, played volleyball, stayed out all night dancing, cooked lovely meals in with fantastic people, eaten in a variety of restaurants and still had time to ‘chill out’. I can’t wait to go again! Two days after arriving back in the UK I have booked a Wakeboarding session because I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms!

Jenny, Lester and Caroline go out of their way to make everybody feel welcome so my initial nerves about holidaying on my own quickly disappeared. The journey itself was quick and hassle free, leaving little to think about other than enjoying myself. I was worried that I needed to be super fit to partake in all the watersports activities but everything was ‘do-able’ and there is no pressure to try something you don’t wish to.

St Tropez and the surrounding area is beautiful. St Maxine, Port Grimaud and Gassin provide plenty of photo opportunities to ensure the memories do not pass as quickly as the week seems to!

Book it now! You’ll love it!

Sara X

Singles Adventure Holidays GroupAnd an E mail from Adrian ( the one holding the ski ) – An equally single guy

Hi Lester, Jenny and Caroline

Just a quick mail to say I arrived home to wet and windy Cambridge yesterday after a few days touring and then meeting up with Friends at the race track in Germany for a couple of days.
Would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for a great week in the sun. I was quite nervous about going away on my own and doing some of the activities to be honest but you have a great “knack” and skill in making everyone feel very welcome and it was great to do some new things and learn so new skills. Loved the Jet Ski and the day out on the boat.
It was very appreciated that you go the “extra mile” that makes the whole experience one to remember and want to return including the night time boat trip into St Tropez.