At last the Sun is out but

Is  Sun exposure good for you?

sun exposure on your watersports holiday
sun on your watersports holiday

Of course we get a lot of Sun exposure in St Tropez. There is not a product called St Tropez tan for no good reason. But is it good for you?

We all know the warmth and light of the sun makes us feel more cheerful. It also undoubtedly makes us look better, and getting a tan (however short lived it is) is a very popular pastime. However as the ozone level decreases and the suns rays become more powerful we have learnt to regularly apply protective suncream. We are all aware of the dangers of over-exposure. Sun-burn can be very dangerous and must be avoided. However there is some evidence that shying away from the sun can be detrimental to health. Vitamin D is an essential result of sunlight and creates strong bones and muscle tone. So smothering with high factor sun cream may not always be the answer.   There is evidence that is does not protect against latent skin cancers.

Food for thought is the self evident fact that applying large quantities of chemicals to the skin means that the body is absorbing unnatural applications, which in the long run may affect the hormonal balance of the body. And could lead to other health problems.

We have fourteen years of extended sun exposure here at Adventure St Tropez so our advice is first of all

Enjoy the sun…it is good for you.  Wear quality protective suncream particularly when in and on the water. Cover up  in the midday sun. Always wear protective good quality sunglasses. Half an hour of sun exposure mid morning and afternoon, will build your skin melanin  nicely and help to protect against sunburn on your watersports holiday.


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