Get fit for summer with watersports activity

Watersports activity

Get  fit for summer with watersports activity

Summer Time is here and time to think about getting fit for summer. Shifting a few unnecessary pounds toning up.  What more pleasurable way of doing it than taking up a watersports activity.

Here are a few ideas and recommendations for getting in to watersports activities.

Surfing is without doubt the watersport that tests and trains all parts of the body. A great workout paddling through the waves poweringwatersports activity against the oceans strength and diving through the surf. The explosive action of jumping to your feet and holding balance and reacting to the wave dynamics tests every muscle.   If you are a beginner expect to find a lot of other people out in the water, it is a very popular sport and take lessons in a Surfing GB school, at least to begin with.

Windsurfing again it is best to learn in a Royal Yachting Association Teaching Establishment the RYA method is tried and tested and has an excellent training programme. Windsurfing requires skill  and  uses all body parts (including your brain power) to achieve balance and control of the sail to work with the wind to plane across the water. Another very portable and accessible sport.

watersports activity

Wakeboarding and waterskiing. Both these watersports require use of muscles you probably didn’t know you had. Along with forearm, shoulder and back strength your core abs get the best work-out ever.   It is recommended to learn with a qualified BWSW coach and boat driver. Alternatively you can go to one of the many wakeparks around the country. Be ready for a few faceplants and wipeouts along the way to success.

Kayaking and canoeing. Another very accessible sports and we include in that wave-ski which is one of our favourite sports. Hard work on the forearms and shoulders plus the abs get a good workout if you apply the correct techniques.watersports activity holidays wakeboarding

Although we don’t get a lot of surf in the south of France  we’re out there when we can. We offer all the above activities at Adventure St Tropez, and with experienced well qualified coaches you are bound to succeed. What better idea than to learn these sports in the warmth of the mediterranean all as part of your watersports holiday.





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