Singles Watersports Activity Holidays in France

Watersports for Beginners

 Claire Mather

Came to Adventure Sports as a complete beginner. She is a single girl who now visits us regularly.

And she writes :

water sports activity holidays claire
“A watersports activity holiday –

I don’t think I knew the meaning until I went to Adventure St Tropez! I have had several fantastic holidays over the past year. I have achieved so many things that I never thought I’d have the courage, skill or ability to do. I really have surprised myself and others at what I have achieved!On my first day at Adventure St Tropez I was nervous, apprehensive and worried about what I’d let myself in for and that I would make a fool of myself as I had never participated in any of the watersports activities previously. I had the image of a watersports activity holiday consisting of fit, sporty groups of friends running around doing all sorts of watersports and being good at them! Being a complete beginner and not being very “sporty” I wasn’t quite sure how I’d fit in!

Well… I’ve returned four times in less than a year, and each time I have had a fantastic time. I get a great sense of achievement by taking part in something I’ve never done before, or by improving on my knowledge or skill. I can now deep water start on a mono-ski, my elementary paragliding exam is now completed, and I cant wait to go back again. I have over come my fear of abseiling, so much so that I now demonstrate to other people how safe it is, and I can’t wait to tackle a larger rock face. It really doesn’t seem to matter what level someone is at, because there’s plenty of equipment for all sizes, shapes and capabilities, and the instructors have an obvious high level of knowledge and experience of teaching at all levels from the complete beginner to the advanced. There is a blatant emphasis on having a good time, day and night! But safety appears to be of paramount importance, this I found to be very reassuring and encouraging. This sort of watersports activity holiday offers a great chance to try many diverse activities, in a fun, relaxed and safe manner. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, and as I’ve experienced it really doesn’t matter whether you book in alone or as a group, as everyone joins together to make one big group! Having a mixed ability group offers support, encouragement and demonstrations of the activities. Nobody is ever good at all the watersports activities! There is always something that someone really enjoys and can do well. But taking part and having a good time is the best experience. I am completely useless at surfing. It’s all I can do to lie on the board and hope a wave catches me!! But I still have a laugh. I have never felt forced water sports activity holidays beginnersinto participating unless I’ve wanted to. But I’ve always felt safe enough and inspired to be able to try everything! And to my surprise there is always something to do no matter what the weather. Now I have experienced so many watersports activities and have such a good time, increased my knowledge, ability and confidence, all that is left for me to do is recommend it to others. I especially hope that my experience as a complete beginner gives other beginners the incentive to book in and have some fun!”

If I can do it, I’m sure others can!

Claire Mather