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Special offer Wakeboarding Holidays in May and June

Five days of wakeboarding and waterskiing for £495 including accommodation

The sun is out in France and England and we are thinking about our wakeboarding holidays this year. At Adventure St Tropez we have some busy weekends already booked for May and June, so this gives us an opportunity to offer a very special 5 day wakeboarding holiday. Arriving Sunday and leaving Friday the flight prices should be reasonable. We are offering accommodation on the marina, with lovely swimming pool, beachside accommodation and three sets of wakeboarding a day.

The Gulf is particularly good for wakeboarding holidays in May and June as there are few boats on the water and the busy season is still a couple of months away. There is nothing to beat an early morning set in water where you can view the sandy bottom through crystal clear sea.  Plus of course the added bonus of that early season tan. What could be better than following that early morning set with a marina continental breakfast croissants, coffee and some yummy patisseries. All well deserved of course.

If you are travelling alone or on a budget we will make sure you can get to us either by our own mini-bus transfer or public transfer. Both methods are available from Nice or Toulon airport.

To perfect your wakeboarding holiday the social scene is great. With St Tropez just across the water, excellent restaurants, beach bars (with great atmosphere) plus a bunch of like-minded enthusiatic wakeboarders you are bound to have a great time.

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Wakeboarding France

Wakeboarding France

The wakeboard season is here but in the UK we are still in shock at the air and water temperature. Luckily we will be heading to the south of France in a months time to begin our Wakeboarding France season. So some of you guys may consider a trip to France as being the nearest and most accessible place to find warmer waters. Flights to Nice and Toulon are extremely reasonable in May and June. Always give us a call on 01736761838 we have up to date recommendations.

We offer boat tow and the freedom of long sets and patient training.  We begin our Wakeboarding France season in the Gulf of St Tropez on 9th May.  At that time of year we benefit from quiet waters especially in the mornings. Traditionally the Gulf is completely flat early in the morning before the warm sea breezes come up, and other boats arrive on the scene. We are qualified instructors and specialize in teaching beginners and helping intermediates to progress. Early season is an ideal time to come. More time on the water as the flatter conditions prevail for longer. We have the time to dedicate to getting you going, and improving those rusty skills.

You will find a warm and sunny welcome in the Gulf of St Tropez.

Wakeboarding France

Wakeboarding Training

Wakeboarding France

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Wakeboarding France

Here is a list of all the wakeboarding cable parks in France, you may like to visit one or two if you decide to drive down to us in the South.

Here is a comprehensive list of all Cable Parks in France –

Barcares Teleski :

Bourg-en-Bresse Exo Active Park :

Carmaux Cap Decouverte  :

Condrieu Cableski :

Jablines Teleski :

Le Muy Exo Active Park :

Ley Poses :

 Moncontour Exo Active Park :

Teleski 95 :

Toulouse Teleski :