Brigitte Bardot, Adventure St.Tropez    Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot and St.Tropez

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot born 28 September 1934. is a former French actress, singer, and model. In 1955 she starred in a Roger Vadim film called “Ans God Created Women”, after which she took up residence in St.Tropez. This was a significant turning point in the history of St.Tropez as it soon became a destination for the ‘A’ List. The film crew and actors ate at a beach location now known as Club 55, which is now one of the most exclusive watering holes in the world. Brigitte Bardot still owns her house in the Baie des canebiers although she spends a great deal of her time these days at her animal sanctuary in Normandy.

Brigitte Bardot house

Brigitte Bardot and her interest in animal rights has led to involvement with Sea Shepherd, the boat belonging to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who named the fast motor vessel after her.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society    The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Adventure Sports St.Tropez support The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Lester is a big fan of Brigitte Bardot

Monaco Grand Prix

Water Sports Holidays go F1

We visit Monaco just before Race Weekend and get to drive around half the track!
We even stopped briefly on the Pole Position spot.

Adventure Sports St Tropez found themselves with a little time to spare between airport runs so went to have a peek at the preparations for next weekends Monaco Grand Prix. Amazingly it’s almost ready and if you are fortunate to be travelling through Monaco, you are allowed to drive along part of the circuit as they are, in fact, the normal roads.

Just demonstrating that water sports holidays go F1, with us, your holiday can be full of surprises!

Water sports holidays-Monaco Grand Prix Water sports holidays go F1 Watersports holidays-Monaco grand prix Water sports holidays go F1

So when you are watching the Grand Prix this weekend, just think Adventure Sports St Tropez, the best in Water Sports Holidays,  were already there on Pole Position!