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Wakeboarding Holidays and Courses in France

Learn to wakeboard in St Tropez on our watersports holiday

Learn to Wakeboard or develop your existing skills on our Wakeboarding Holidays. We wakeboard every morning (weather permitting). If you would like extra wakeboarding  (see below) for options.  We also provide Wake Surfing and Wake Skating as activities in our watersports holiday.

Wakeboarding is one of the coolest water based board sports there is. It is a great carving and jumping watersport with good scope for expression. It has similarities to snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing, with good crossover skills. So if you snowboard, skateboard or surf you will be right on it.

All the staff of Adventure St.Tropez are keen wakeboarders and the pictures (all genuinely ours) show some of our Instructors and guests enjoying themselves.

Wakeboarding Holidays toe edge     Wakeboarding Holidays phil 360     Wakeboarding Holidays Sishta

Wakeboarding is one of the watersports that we teach at Adventure St.Tropez and is  our favourite. You will find an enthusiastic bunch of guys delighted to share their passion for the sport. A great many of our customers are beginners but we can equally advance intermediates. We are down to earth, qualified teachers with a lot of experience and patience. Being vocational teachers we love to see you succeed.

If you are keen to spend a big part of your holiday learning to wakeboard in the warmth of the Mediterranean sea you will love a holiday with us. The boats are moored just a few metres away from the accommodation. It is great to be able to wake up and walk down to the boats for your morning set. No need for wetsuits and the sun and warm waters make all the difference to your successful wakeboarding and watersports holiday.

We have two wakeboard boats. Both have A frames and produce good wakes. They are also good sea boats with deep V and good turning circles.

We can offer Wakeboarding extra holidays.
The week’s programme will include morning wakeboarding sessions guaranteed of which you will be part. Those expressing an interest in extra wakeboarding will then be given the opportunity to have extra sessions on other days at extra cost, or in lieu of other activities. As and when the conditions allow. We usually start at 8.00am to get the flat conditions, followed by a break in the middle of the day to have lunch, relax and recoup, by the pool, or on the beach. When not wakeboarding you can join in the other activities with the rest of the group.

heel-edge wakeboarding holidays      Wakeboarding Holidays wake to wake     Water sports activity holidays France Wakeboarding

PLEASE NOTE :The Gulf of St.Tropez, whilst warm and sheltered, is still the sea and not a lake. We do not have exclusive use of it. We provide Wakeboarding Holidays, not an intensive course and we are friendly, qualified, experienced wakeboarding teachers but not national team coaches. Our boats  are all round sea going craft with a frame and a very good wake. It is not a lake tournament boat.
We have had some seriously good wakeboarders here and a lot of beginners and intermediates. We hope you will join us. We love our wakeboarding and watersports.

Liquid Force are the boards we recommend, here is a link to their website.
Our Luke (Skywalker) Thomas moved to NZ and started a magazine call Forward Wakeboard. This is their facebook.