Our new boat for 2016 summer season in St Tropez

Here we come to St Tropez for our 14th season with a New Boat

We hope very much you will join us and enjoy our new boat in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

The 2016 summer season is nearly with us. So time for us to think about a new boat. For this season we have chosen a Jeanneau 7.5 Walk around, with a small sleeping cabin, and toilet and fridge/cooking facilities. This makes great sense as the 7.5 will be ideal for wakeboarding and waterskiing. It will also be ideal for coastal safaris and snorkelling trips out in the Gulf of St Tropez.

new boat for watersports activity holidays
new boat for watersports activity holidays

The early morning wakeboarding/waterskiing trips will offer more comfort with a place to put your drinks and a nice fresh water shower. We can’t wait to get back on those lovely warm waters and enjoy some top class conditions for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

The hull is designed by Michael Peters to cut through the water effortlessly and will make afternoon snorkelling and coastal safaris even more enjoyable. The 250 outboard Mercury Verado offers speed and reliability. The Jeanneau 7.5 also has a bimini to offer protection for those guests who prefer more shade to sun. All in all a great all round  boat and we can’t wait to get out on those lovely warm waters with her.

 a great all round new boat for watersports activity
a great all round new boat for watersports activity

Family Activity Holidays

We have been providing  family activity holidays for families with teenagers for over 30 years. We can include younger children of course. However  our activities tend to be more appreciated by  teenagers as strength and skill go to make sure all achieve success and a great feeling of achievement. The busiest period for family activity holidays is during the school holidays. At this time of year we will have several families together on the week, so an opportunity for youngsters and parents alike to make new friends.  Parents you will never have to wonder what you will do with your children on our family activity holidays as we keep everyone busy. It is absolutely fine to be beginners in water sports activity. We are totally used to teaching beginners and always have great success.  When it comes to the evenings we offer options for all tastes. There are some excellent marina and beach restaurants all reasonably priced. We often take your family to evening venues, sometimes by boat.  It may be to see fireworks, a live band, to enjoy an evening in St Tropez  – you never know – it’s all part of the Adventure.

Here are some photos of our lovely families who came and spent their Family Activity Holidays  with us this summer 2014.  Many of them chose to come to us as they had read the recommendations on Trip Advisor. They were all great fun and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.

Activity Holidays for Families Family activity holidays family activity holidays family activity holidays family activity holidays activity holidays for families activity family holidays family activity holidays family activity holidays


A great website for getting information on the St.Tropez area. You can always call us to chat about our holidays on either 01736761838 or 07710219465. We’re always happy to offer advice.

Activity Hen Weekends Abroad, in St. Tropez, France

As usual for the early part of the season, we have been providing Activity Hen Weekends in St. Tropez France for some very nice groups of girls. For 2014 we have a brilliant set of options for the evening as well as a new boat for this season.

We have an improved location for the first nights evening meal, in the form of Pierre La Corse. A very “Hen Friendly” restaurant with a great value Corsican 3 course menu. You can play you own music, dance on the bar etc., Pierre doesn’t mind at all.
After we have the Star Bar which is a mini night club, or Azzura Plage, which is a beach restaurant that turns into a Salsa Party around midnight.

Saturday is traditionally the Boat Safari during the day, followed by St. Tropez night.
You activity day can include a trip to the market in St Tropez and or a sporting activity as you choose but we highly recommend anchoring off a beach in calm waters where you can swim, snorkel, sunbath, sip rose’ wine and have a picnic on board our new boat.
The night can begin when you want and with favourites such as La Quai and Les Caves du Roy, we guarantee, you won’t have a dull evening.

See for yourselves some of the Activity Hen Weekends we have hosted this year :

Activity Hen Weekend Activity Hen Weekends abroad Activity Hen Weekends Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Activity Hen Weekends Hen Weekends Abroad Hens-at-Pierres4

Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Activity Hen Weekends Abroad Activity Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad

Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad

Activity Hen Weekends Abroad IMG_1364 Activity Hen Weekends Abroad Activity Hen Weekends Abroad Hen Weekends Abroad

Monaco Grand Prix

Water Sports Holidays go F1

We visit Monaco just before Race Weekend and get to drive around half the track!
We even stopped briefly on the Pole Position spot.

Adventure Sports St Tropez found themselves with a little time to spare between airport runs so went to have a peek at the preparations for next weekends Monaco Grand Prix. Amazingly it’s almost ready and if you are fortunate to be travelling through Monaco, you are allowed to drive along part of the circuit as they are, in fact, the normal roads.

Just demonstrating that water sports holidays go F1, with us, your holiday can be full of surprises!

Water sports holidays-Monaco Grand Prix Water sports holidays go F1 Watersports holidays-Monaco grand prix Water sports holidays go F1

So when you are watching the Grand Prix this weekend, just think Adventure Sports St Tropez, the best in Water Sports Holidays,  were already there on Pole Position!

Advice for using public Transfers from Nice and Toulon to St Tropez

Whenever and wherever possible we offer our guests transfers from Nice and Toulon to St Tropez. However when arriving mid-week or non-scheduled pick up times it is easy to make your way to us using public tansport.


First if arriving at Nice you need to get to St Raphael. This is either by the train from Nice ville to St Raphael. Trains run frequently and are very reliable. Or you can take the 3003 bus to St Raphael. Once at St Raphael you then need to catch the 7601 to St Tropez and get off at the La Foux stop which is by the Lunar Park funfair and is the last stop before St Tropez. Both these buses will cost you around 23 euros in total. Make sure to have the correct euro change for the tickets.

If flying in to Toulon (Hyeres)  the public transport is even easier. There is a direct bus from the airport (waiting right outside the glass doors). the 7803 to St Tropez.  This bus will cost all of 3 euros, and don’t forget to get off at La Foux.

In the summer fromJune 28th – 1st August  it is also possible to catch a bus from Marseilles airport to St Tropez which is a good option, but check the timetable with your flights.

So it has never been easier to get to us by public transport. This is a great option if you are looking to make your travel to us as reasonable as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in sunny St Tropez

Water sports holidays france, jeanneau

Responsible Holidays

Responsible for the environment

Responsible holidays offer a way of giving back to the environment in which we operate. More than ever humans are guardians of the world and the future very much depends on how we act now. Information is readily available via social media and the news and so easily we are made aware of what is happening in our world.  Often the news is not good. So caring people get together in groups or associations to do battle with  those who would harm the planet and all creatures therein. Alone we have no power.

At Adventure St Tropez we have been working on the sea since 1982 and have a great knowledge of the beauty of the ocean and all the wonderful sea life. We have swum and jet-skied with dolphins. Many years ago a particularly playful dolphin called Percy adopted Adventure Sports and played with our guests on many kayak and windsufing days.  Over the years we have supported the WDCS and now we would like to support Sea Shepherd. So this year we will be donating 5% of our profits to this organisation.

Particular mention should be made of other companies who work hard to give back to the environment. Our friends at Atlantic Diver in Newquay Cornwall  have rescued many sick seals and other sea birds and made sure dolphins and other cetaceans are safe in the areas they are operating in. Read their account of the saving of seal pups last year. 

We would love to hear from other companies who are working to improve and care for their environment. Whether it be the sea, the lakes, the mountains, the forests and hills or the countryside and beaches. We all need to make  a better world for both humans and animals. This is our responsibility and our children’ s legacy.

Lester’s daughter, Angela has a great interest in all things to do with the environment and animal welfare. She has a website promoting responsible adventure travel.


responsible holidays at adventure st tropez
Responsible holidays by Phil West



Family Activity Holidays with Teenagers

Active holiday for families with teenagers or older children

We at Adventure Sports St Tropez understand the difficulties of providing an interesting and captivating holiday for your older children, especially when they are at that age when they would rather be somewhere with their friends and not necessarily with their parents. Here you can spend quality time doing things, we are sure, they would love to do.
You do not have to wake each morning wondering how you are going to keep them entertained and occupied as we have the equipment, the expertise, the enthusiasm and motivation to keep them going through the day and into the evening. We have been providing family activity holidays with teenagers for over 30 years and we are particularly suitable for single parent families to help share that special quality time that your children will never forget.

Family Activity Holidays with Teenagers   Family Activity Holidays France   Family Activity Holidays with Teenagers   Family Activity Holidays Coastal Walk

A few kind words

” Dear Lester and Jenny,
Just a note to say thank you very much for a fantastic holiday we spent with you during the last week of July. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it was great to have a mixture of organised activities – which took the strain off me, with regards to the “what are we doing today’ from the children – and down time by the fantastic pool and beach. The girls loved all the water sports, and felt they were very lucky to have had the opportunity to do them in such warm water and beautiful surroundings. Thank you also for making time to find Charlotte’s interest and forte, by letting her drive the boat and encourage her dancing – all good for the self esteem. Port Grimaud was brilliant – voted the best day by Charlotte, who hates physical activity – so that is saying something!
Best wishes,

J L”

” Hi Jenny and Lester,
We had a brilliant time with you guys last week. Perfect holiday for us.. just the right amount of organised stuff and time to ourselves. We really liked having our own apartment, being able to go and buy delicious things in the fabulous Geant supermarket interspersed with the excitement of waterskiing, trips to St Trop and diving off the boat. Lester and Jenny great with the kids and made them feel special. My personal favourite was riding the jet ski…..Morag (Mum)
I loved trying wake-boarding and getting to look around Saint-Tropez and St Maxime. Lovely holiday and fantastic experience ….Katie (age 13)
I loved the jet ski and knee boarding and I really enjoyed water-skiing too. I loved jumping off the front of your boat. it was really exciting and i wished we’d been able to stay longer…. Rosie (age 8)
Will definitely keep in touch.

M and K and R”

If you are struggling to find a suitable Family activity holidays with teenagers, then give Jenny a call.
After all she was a state school P.E. Teacher for over 20 years

Water Skiing Holidays in France

Learn to waterski or wakeboard in France.

Water Skiing Holidays

There was a time when waterskiing was the only sport that you could pursue behind a boat. Now there is Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Wakeskating, Kneeboarding plus all the weird and wonderful towable toys that continue to be manufactured. We even have a variety of Hydrofoils providing something different. You may have seen a chair rise magically out of the water and seemingly hover just above it whilst being towed behind the boat.

Whilst our water skiing holidays are not solely waterskiing, it is equal opportunity with wakeboarding. Apart from Kneeboarding, where your centre of gravity is much lower, Waterskiing is probably the easiest to learn. This is because all your limbs face forward when attempting to lift out of the water. When up it’s normally simply a question of balance as the stance is not critical.

How to Water Ski

We teach the ‘Deep water start’ where you begin in the water, with the skis on. Skis at 45 degrees to the surface of the water, parallel and shoulder width apart. Knees bent and chest to the knees. Arms straight and outside the knees. Squeeze your upper body and bottom towards the skis, tucking tightly. Don’t let your shoulders roll back. When the power comes on, hold the position and let the boat pull you out. With the skis at 45 degrees, the lift out of the water should be natural. Now rock forward and do not attempt to stand until you are naturally balanced, come up slowly. Keep your arms straight and knees bent. Balance and do not lean back and if you don’t want to look like a beginner, push your hips forward and keep your back upright and straight.

Waterskiing holidays   Water Skiing Holidays   Waterski holidays

Water skiing holidays are part of Adventure Sports St Tropez, water sports holidays programme. We offer this activity for five mornings of the week.

Here is a link to the British Water ski and Wakeboard Association, if you wish to take the sport seriously

Activity Holidays in France

Activity Holidays in France Kayak    Activity Holidays in France Coasteering    Activity Holidays France Boat

Adventure Sports St Tropez are a unique provider of activity holidays in France. We have been providing adventure, activity and water sports holidays since 1982, so we are a company you can trust. Lester Cruse is the founder and remains the chief instructor along with wife, Jenny Cruse, so rest assured you, or your family, are in safe, experienced hands.

We are unique as no other provider of activity holidays in France, operates the way we do. Our chosen location, flexibility and size, enable us to pursue a suitable activity for the weather and conditions, resulting in greater achievement and enjoyment. It is no accident that we based our activity holidays in France in the Gulf of St Tropez, as it is sheltered from three wind directions. The wind, as you probably know, is responsible for rough seas (poor operating and learning conditions) so if a centre is based in a location with just a single aspect, the provision of water sports can be seriously limited and very weather dependant.

We have never lost a days activity, to the weather, in over thirty years

We are vocational teachers, so we take a pride in what we do and the pleasure we gain is from seeing you achieve. On our activity holidays in France, we provide all the equipment and organise all the activities ourselves ( we do not subcontract), so you get quality activities, delivered by enthusiastic, experienced and qualified people.

Every day is different and we often provide more than is expected when opportunities arise. Night trips to St Tropez by boat. Firework displays (Bastile Day etc). Rock Bands and Salsa Evenings, to name a few.

Activity holidays in France by Adventure Sports St Tropez are Holidays with a difference. They are healthy holidays where you will learn new skills and meet new friends and in some cases, have a ‘life changing’ experience.

Activities we provide on our Activity Holidays in France

  • Wake Boarding, Water skiing
  • Wake Surfing, Wake Skating, Knee boarding
  • Power boating, Coastal Safaris
  • Jet skiing, RYA Courses (Power Boat and PWC)
  • Sailing,Swimming, Diving
  • Kayaking, Paddle Boarding
  • Gorge walking, mountain biking, bouldering
  • Snorkelling, Scuba (optional extra)

During the summer season, our activity holidays in France are enjoyed by varying client profile groups at different times.

Family Holidays in France

Will obviously occur predominantly during school holidays. Check out the popular activity on your free day (Saturday)

Activity Holidays France Mountainbiking     Activity Holidays in France Pool     activity holidays in france

Singles Holidays in France

Are available at any time but are particularly popular during May, June, July and September.

Activity Holidays in France     Activity Holidays in France Sailing     Activity Holidays in France boat dive

Hen Weekends in France

Naturally happen at weekends and normally the early part of season as most brides want a summer wedding, but we are happy to have hens at any time because they do not conflict with other groups.

Activity Holidays in France Hen weekend     Activity Holidays in France Hen Weekends Oliviers     Activity Holidays in France Hen Weekends

General Holidays in France

Of course anybody can come to us at any time as you are all here for a common purpose – activity holidays in France.

Some of our BEST weeks ever, have been when fantastic families have integrated with some of the nicest singles and couples we have met. These have been some of our greatest memories – and you all know who you are !