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Water Skiing Holidays in France

Learn to waterski or wakeboard in France.

There was a time when waterskiing was the only sport that you could pursue behind a boat. Now there is Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Wakeskating, Kneeboarding plus all the weird and wonderful towable toys that continue to be manufactured. We even have a variety of Hydrofoils providing something different. You may have seen a chair rise magically out of the water and seemingly hover just above it whilst being towed behind the boat.

Whilst our water skiing holidays are not solely waterskiing, it is equal opportunity with wakeboarding. Apart from Kneeboarding, where your centre of gravity is much lower, Waterskiing is probably the easiest to learn. This is because all your limbs face forward when attempting to lift out of the water. When up it’s normally simply a question of balance as the stance is not critical.

How to Water Ski

We teach the ‘Deep water start’ where you begin in the water, with the skis on. Skis at 45 degrees to the surface of the water, parallel and shoulder width apart. Knees bent and chest to the knees. Arms straight and outside the knees. Squeeze your upper body and bottom towards the skis, tucking tightly. Don’t let your shoulders roll back. When the power comes on, hold the position and let the boat pull you out. With the skis at 45 degrees, the lift out of the water should be natural. Now rock forward and do not attempt to stand until you are naturally balanced, come up slowly. Keep your arms straight and knees bent. Balance and do not lean back and if you don’t want to look like a beginner, push your hips forward and keep your back upright and straight.

Waterskiing holidays   Water Skiing Holidays   Waterski holidays

Water skiing holidays are part of Adventure Sports St Tropez, water sports holidays programme. We offer this activity for five mornings of the week.

Here is a link to the British Water ski and Wakeboard Association, if you wish to take the sport seriously

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