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Adventure Sports St Tropez on Channel 4’s A New Life In the Sun

A New Life In The Sun filmed Matt Dale and Adventure Sports St Tropez over a period of 15 days in our 2018 season. You can see the results on Channel 4 from 25th-28th February and on Channel 4 On Demand (4od)

In February 2018 television production company TrueNorth phoned Matt Dale and asked if Adventure Sport St Tropez would like to appear on the new series of A New Life In the Sun. Matt thinking this might be a Come Dine With Me-type comedy programme initially declined, but when asked if he’d seen any of the series before had to admit he hadn’t. So… a quick binge viewing later and Skype call with the Assistant Producer, and the deal was done. The programme actually looked pretty cool, funny and hell.. why not? Probably be good fun taking part!

Footage was filmed of several of our guests coming to visit over the season, and some of the activities they got up to – boat trips, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, kneeboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, and of course(!) wakeboarding – lots and lots of that!. 

The process was pretty strange to start with and a little nerve-wracking, resulting in a few silly mistakes that are sure to be shown. But, as the weeks progressed it became great fun and we looked forward to welcoming the camera guys each time. In the end, it was a shame to finish the filming process, but we hope we see some of the team out here again in future seasons!.

Look out for guests starting from scratch learning to wakeboard and stand up paddleboard, and see how easy and fun it is. You might also catch one guest who had to stay an extra week because he lost his passport! (an extra week of water sports and sun = he didn’t mind too much!). Also featured will be Adam from Conrad Visuals who came out to film our impressive Promo Video that gives you a true flavour of a typical week (we love it!).

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Winter Wakeboarding in the UK

All about Winter Wakeboarding

What’s one to do ‘off season’ in the Winter months, when Adventure Sports St. Tropez is closed?
Can you still wakeboard in the UK when the nights have drawn in, and the air and water temperatures are in single figures?

The answer is “Yes”, and in some ways a visit to a wakeboard park is better in the winter months than it is in the summer!

Whilst boat riding in the UK can be prohibitively expensive (even with your own board + wetsuit, it’s still £30+ for just 12 minutes!), hitting the cable can cost a lot less, for a lot longer! From October 1st to March 31st, you can wakeboard at Liquid Leisure Wakepark for just £25 for 2 hours.
Be warned, it can be pretty damn cold, so you do need an element of bravery (or madness) to attempt it –  especially when air temps are hovering just above freezing, and the water temps 6 degrees or lower. Falling into the water without gloves or boots is ill-advised. A swim back to the lakeside of more than a few metres will feel like your hands and feet are being crushed in a vice. It will take your breath away.
So, purchase some wetsuit boots and gloves before heading down. You want to go for 1.5m to 2mm max, to take the bone-aching chill away. Go any thicker and you’ll be warmer of course, but you’ll struggle to fit your bindings on, and holding the handle for any length of time will result in painful tendons from your wrist to elbow, which will limit the number of laps you can do. Throw in a winter wetsuit (5/4/3; not any thicker as your movement will be restricted) and you’re good to go for a few hours.
Whilst it’s still certainly on the chilly side when you hit the water, the queues are so small that in many ways it’s better than heading there in the summer. The advantage of small queues is the zero wait between sets, versus upwards of 30 minutes in peak summer. Being able to fall off, swim to the side, and get straight back on without any waiting means you’re a lot more likely to try that new trick or hit an obstacle for the first time. No one around to see you fail so spectacularly is another bonus too of course!
Practising on a cable has the added advantage that when you hit the sea again in the summer you’ll have improved your balance and landing skills. I know I’ll notice a difference when I head back to Adventure Sports St. Tropez this summer!
Bristol South West Adventure Sports organise fortnightly trips to Liquid Leisure throughout the winter. If you’re interested in joining them, check out the free-to-join group here:
Wakeboarding in St Tropez