At last the Sun is out but

Is  Sun exposure good for you?

sun exposure on your watersports holiday
sun on your watersports holiday

Of course we get a lot of Sun exposure in St Tropez. There is not a product called St Tropez tan for no good reason. But is it good for you?

We all know the warmth and light of the sun makes us feel more cheerful. It also undoubtedly makes us look better, and getting a tan (however short lived it is) is a very popular pastime. However as the ozone level decreases and the suns rays become more powerful we have learnt to regularly apply protective suncream. We are all aware of the dangers of over-exposure. Sun-burn can be very dangerous and must be avoided. However there is some evidence that shying away from the sun can be detrimental to health. Vitamin D is an essential result of sunlight and creates strong bones and muscle tone. So smothering with high factor sun cream may not always be the answer.   There is evidence that is does not protect against latent skin cancers.

Food for thought is the self evident fact that applying large quantities of chemicals to the skin means that the body is absorbing unnatural applications, which in the long run may affect the hormonal balance of the body. And could lead to other health problems.

We have fourteen years of extended sun exposure here at Adventure St Tropez so our advice is first of all

Enjoy the sun…it is good for you.  Wear quality protective suncream particularly when in and on the water. Cover up  in the midday sun. Always wear protective good quality sunglasses. Half an hour of sun exposure mid morning and afternoon, will build your skin melanin  nicely and help to protect against sunburn on your watersports holiday.


Spring Sunshine is nearly here so-

Step into the Spring Sunshine and –

Win this fabulous NQLondonBag

Watersports Spring Sunshine
Watersports and NQLondonBag

Spring is just around the corner – March 20th. And aren’t we just so ready for some Spring Sunshine. So here’s a great offer to put a Spring in your step.

All you have to do is read this blog and then add your own comment and click the ‘show on facebook’ link. We’d love to know what your favourite sport is. And we’d love to know how you think you could use this NQLondonBag as the perfect partner for your sport.  So comments please. Then your name will be added to our Draw on the first day of Spring, March the 20th.

Here we have last years’ winner Lisa showing how she uses her NQLondonBag in two of her favourite sports.

When coaching Wakeboarding at Adventure St Tropez I love throwing all my phones, cards, suncream and sunglasses in my Pink Carlton. Zip it up and everything is safe and sound and close to hand. Love it and use it every day and in the evenings too. If it gets a little grubby just pop it in the washing machine and ‘Voila’ good as new,

Biking in Spring Sunshine
Biking and NQLondonBag

Shabana Creator and designer of NQLondongBags has very kindly donated some Carltons and St Martins to Giveaway in our competitions. So many thanks to our sporty friend Shabana (wakeboarder and snowboarder) for supporting us. Be sure to mention the brand when everyone admires your great bag.

In step with our Spring theme winning bags will be Yellow or Green.  So girls and boys (your partner will love it) let us know your favourite sports and how you could make your bag- the Perfect Partner for your favourite sport.

Snow Spring Sunshine
Shabana and Jenny Snowboarding

2016 a great Wedding Year

This year some very important people are getting married

Luke (Skywalker) Thomas and Jessica (Rabbit) Tucker 10th January 2016

wakeboard wedding year
That wakeboard kiss

It is always lovely to get good news.  Weddings are  good news, and this is a great Wedding Year. In just a few days time the utterly lovely and super talented Luke (Skywalker) Thomas and Jess (Rabbit) Tucker are getting married in Sri Lanka. They met at Adventure St Tropez in 2007. Luke came to work with us as wakeboard instructor and Jess was on holiday when we picked him up from Nice airport. We had white water rafted at Gorges du Verdon and picked Luke up on our way back. Despite looking like a slightly drowned and de-hydrated rabbit (not rat) Jess must have impressed. Three days later they were walking around the marina hand in hand. The rest is history. They live in New Zealand and Luke besides running Christchurch Wake and editing Forward Wake magazine, finds time to coach around the world. Jess is a doctor and works with abused women. She also is the most amazing cake and pudding cook. Her cakes are to swoon for. And Luke eats a lot of her cake…I believe.

We love these guys they are always so up-beat and positive and just the best couple in the world to cheer you up.

We were really excited to welcome them back to St Tropez this summer.  In true Adventuresports style they cycled from Geneva down to St Tropez climbing 17 cols and impressing us to pieces.

Back where it all started
Back where it all started


And back where it all started, we are all happily enjoying a glass or two of Rose this summer. We wish these guys every happiness and know they will make a superb marriage.

More news of the Wedding Year to follow.

Luke and Jess Wedding Year
At the highest Col

Memories are a treasure

So how do we hold on to our memories

It is often said ‘you are what you eat’ but equally it is true ‘that you are what you do’. The more adventurous and active a life style led then the more memories you will have to share.

water-sports memories
Lester and Jenny

Today we are so lucky to have the ability to share and and savour our memories. The digital revolution enables us to keep and hold what is dear to us close and accessible. Facebook  Google+ however you feel about them mean we can keep in touch with our past. The times that meant the most to you. Captured in time and there to return to time and again. What a treasure.

At Adventure St Tropez we love to give you memories.

The excitement of learning to waterski or wakeboard. Sailing to a beautiful cove and anchoring for a swim and snorkel. Jumping off rocks and kayaking in beautiful places. Just being in the warmth and ambiance of the Gulf of St Tropez. Memories are made of this. Who am I to disagree?

water sports activity holidays memories
Kayaking in Port Grimaud

Some of you loved the wakeboarding.  Some of you loved the kayaking some of you loved speed and power boating. Some of you loved to jet-ski.  Some of you just loved to sail away. And all of you loved the Rose wine the sun and the warm clear sea.

And we loved the memories you made for us. Thank you. memories
Waterskiing memories

What every girl needs is a sporty fashion neoprene bag

Here at Adventure St Tropez we always like to look our best when being adventurous. Bright colours and practical materials being the benchmark. So what every girl needs for her sporty life is a bag that you can stuff with essentials and if it gets wet, stained or marked simply pop in the washing machine in its own wash bag. Good as new

What every girl needs at Adventure St Tropez
Win this Bag

We love NQ London bags, they are bright, cheery and eye catching and     super practical.  And they are all Made in England. So we are offering a     chance  for you to win one of these cracking bags in our draw. And here it is   The Pink Carlton.       All you have to do is

1. make a comment on this blog (only available through facebook)

2. Like our Adventure St Tropez facebook (if you haven’t already)

3. Subscribe to our newsletter on our website

Your name will then be entered in our draw to be made at the end of March


In the meantime take a look at the NQ Bags they are ideal for an active lifestyle and we love that they are made in England. We have been sporting our Berkeley and are loving the attention this bag is getting.  Ideal for taking to the beach for that surfing or wakeboarding session. Best of luck to you all.

What every girl needs at Adventure St Tropez
Bags enjoying the waves
What every girl needs at Adventure St Tropez
The Berkley blue and bold


Winter Wakeboarding in the UK

All about Winter Wakeboarding by Matt Dale

Whilst my annual summer trip to Adventure Sports St. Tropez is certainly the highlight of my wakeboarding year, what’s one to do ‘off season’ – when the nights have drawn in and the air and water temperatures are in single figures?
Well, you could so a lot worse that go winter wakeboarding at a wakeboard park.
Whilst boat riding in the UK can be prohibitively expensive (even with your own board + wetsuit, it’s still £30 for just 12 minutes!), hitting the cable can cost a lot less, for a lot longer! From October 1st to March 31st, if you buy a “winter membership” at Liquid Leisure Wakepark for £50, you can board on their full-size cable for 4 hours for just £15!.
Be warned, it can be pretty damn cold, so you do need an element of bravery (or madness) to attempt it –  especially when air temps are hovering just above freezing, and the water temps 6 degrees. Falling into the water without gloves or boots is ill-advised. A swim back to the lakeside of more than a few metres will feel like your hands and feet are being crushed in a vice. It will take your breath away.
So, purchase some wetsuit boots and gloves before heading down. You want to go for 1.5m to 2mm max, to take the bone-aching chill away. Go any thicker and you’ll be warmer of course, but you’ll struggle to fit your bindings on, and holding the handle for any length of time will result in painful tendons from your wrist to elbow, which will limit the number of laps you can do. Throw in a winter wetsuit (5/4/3; not any thicker as your movement will be restricted) and you’re good to go for a few hours.
Whilst it’s still certainly on the chilly side when you hit the water, the queues are so small that for some (myself included), it’s every bit as good as heading there in the summer. The advantage of small queues is the zero wait between sets, versus upwards of 20 minutes in peak summer. Being able to fall off, swim to the side, and get straight back on without any waiting means you’re a lot more likely to try that new trick or hit an obstacle for the first time. No one around to see you fail so spectacularly is another bonus too of course!
Practising on a cable has the added advantage that when you hit the sea again in the summer you’ll have improved your balance and landing skills. I know I’ll notice a difference when I head back to Adventure St. Tropez this summer!
Matt organises fortnightly trips to Liquid Leisure throughout the winter. If you’re interested in joining him, check out his free-to-join group here:
Watch his wakepark video link below

Wakeboard Park


Wakeboarding in St Tropez


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Discover Adventure Holidays France

In a few surprising places

Adventure (a bold and sometimes risky undertaking with uncertain outcomes)  Increasingly we love to spend our leisure time finding new adventure activities.  We enjoy  exploring secret new places with all the excitement and pleasure this can bring.  This leads many of us to seek an Adventure Holiday France.  What better than to invest  our holiday time in adventurous and special experiences.

At Adventure St Tropez we know how to involve our guests in those special Adventure Holidays in France and here are some of the trips that we love to offer.

Crocodile Rock at Gigaro Beach

Just a few miles from our marina on the nature reserve of Cap Lardier we start our Adventure with a twenty minute hike along the coastal rocky path. The views down to the crystal clear Mediterranean are so inviting and the sea is azure blue  it is hard to imagine a more beautiful view. Soon we arrive at a rocky outcrop shaped entirely like a Crocodile. Around this rock are some amazing snorkelling spots. So we stop and prepare our snorkels and dip into the crystal water. Straight away there are many small fish and sea vegetation, all made twinkling and ever changing by the sunlight through the water. At the head of the Crocodile rock a large colony of fish seem to be always ready for some light bites of french bread. Hiding in rock cracks and crannies are rarer fish of the most beautiful hues. Octopus, squid and a few other sea hide furtively but can often be seen. We snorkel over to a little blow hole diving under to pop up among the coast rocks. Further afield the coast path stretches to some distant quiet bays where you can wander if you wish.

Coastal Safaris

Every time we take to sea it is an Adventure wind and waves being  unpredictable. Each trip is different and we discover more adventures along the way. One of our favourite safaris is to Cap Taillet because the waters are simply  like a giant swimming pool. Positioned close to some protected snorkel waters you will enjoy diving through coral and secret tunnels to discover fish and sea vegetation in abundance. Discovering rock jumps proves to be very adventurous with some high and challenging escarpments to create great jumping and diving sports. Only for the truly Adventurous.

Watersports activity

Get  fit for summer with watersports activity

Summer Time is here and time to think about getting fit for summer. Shifting a few unnecessary pounds toning up.  What more pleasurable way of doing it than taking up a watersports activity.

Here are a few ideas and recommendations for getting in to watersports activities.

Surfing is without doubt the watersport that tests and trains all parts of the body. A great workout paddling through the waves poweringwatersports activity against the oceans strength and diving through the surf. The explosive action of jumping to your feet and holding balance and reacting to the wave dynamics tests every muscle.   If you are a beginner expect to find a lot of other people out in the water, it is a very popular sport and take lessons in a Surfing GB school, at least to begin with.

Windsurfing again it is best to learn in a Royal Yachting Association Teaching Establishment the RYA method is tried and tested and has an excellent training programme. Windsurfing requires skill  and  uses all body parts (including your brain power) to achieve balance and control of the sail to work with the wind to plane across the water. Another very portable and accessible sport.

watersports activity

Wakeboarding and waterskiing. Both these watersports require use of muscles you probably didn’t know you had. Along with forearm, shoulder and back strength your core abs get the best work-out ever.   It is recommended to learn with a qualified BWSW coach and boat driver. Alternatively you can go to one of the many wakeparks around the country. Be ready for a few faceplants and wipeouts along the way to success.

Kayaking and canoeing. Another very accessible sports and we include in that wave-ski which is one of our favourite sports. Hard work on the forearms and shoulders plus the abs get a good workout if you apply the correct techniques.watersports activity holidays wakeboarding

Although we don’t get a lot of surf in the south of France  we’re out there when we can. We offer all the above activities at Adventure St Tropez, and with experienced well qualified coaches you are bound to succeed. What better idea than to learn these sports in the warmth of the mediterranean all as part of your watersports holiday.





Christmas gifts: ideas for your adventurous partner

Christmas gifts hot and cold ideas

If you are searching the internet looking for an unusual and exciting Christmas gifts for your partner here are a few suggestions.

Tomorrowbear are hosting some amazing winter wonderland trips to Norway. Polar Night Expedition and Husky Sledding across the Arctic Wilderness. These trips are devised to inspire and nurture the explorer in us all and to promote a respect of the animals and  wilderness with the highest ethics. All details are on their website. Well worth  a visit just to view the stunning photography








If your partner loves sun, warm sea and watersports activities then why not think about our hot Christmas gifts

We offer weekend and short breaks at amazing prices. A weekend is from £175.  Activity only options are available if you prefer to find your own accommodation at £80 a day.

We also offer Powerboat and Jetski RYA Licenses these make an ideal gift for the keen powerboater and jet-ski rider. All at affordable prices

Travel options are at their best rate before Christmas so always a good idea to book those flights or train tickets nice and early.

When the days are short, dark wet and blustery a break away in the sun is the most  ideal of Christmas Gifts.Water sports Christmas gifts

A Happy Christmas to you all and see you in sunny St Tropez this 2015

Watersports safety advice

Stay safe in the water at the sea and lake

When accidents happen it seems that the medias’ reaction is to try and find blame or point the finger at  authority. Watersports are the greatest fun, but when things go wrong they go wrong so quickly that death by drowning is a  real prospect. Resuscitation is not often successful and we drown very easily.

There are two scenarios

The first is undertaking an activity in a supervised environment.  You have paid your money and joined an activity which is tutored by an ‘expert’.  You hand yourself over to their expertise, however, never forget to exercise your right of common sense. If something doesn’t look or feel right, then make sure you ask questions and are sure of the safety guidelines of the ‘expert’.

Or you go it alone: Just because you have had a few surfing/windsufing/kitesufing lessons and you have the kit does not make you an expert. So  when you contemplate taking to the water first of all

1.Check the local information pertaining to the beach or area you are in. Particularly information on rips and low and high tide conditions.

2. Take time to look at the conditions.  Sit and look and wait and see what is happening to the sea. Wait for the sets to come in look at how the white water is reacting and where rips may occur.

3. Where ever possible choose to do activities at a life-guarded beach. ( in the case of the latest Mawgan Porth tragedy in Cornwall the beach was not lifeguarded, but other beaches were and it would have made sense to go to those beaches).

4. ASK THE LOCALS no one minds giving advice. So find the oldest and coolest looking guy around and ask them what they think about the conditions.

5. Make sure you have your safety leash attached. Most tragedies occur when surfers/windsufers/kayakers  become detached from their flotation.

6 Make sure you know how to deal with a rip current before entering the water.

7. Last but not least NEVER PANIC and if in doubt STAY OUT

Enjoy your watersports in safety at Adventure St Tropez

Wakeboarding Holidays
Water sports safety
family activity holidays
watersports safety